Play Hide and Seek

Patricia Frank

There is a natural tendency in animals and human beings to hide things. Among the things that are hidden are secrets; hidden hurts, hidden tears, hidden fears. You might have hidden them because they caused painful feelings or because they caused feelings of shame and embarrassment. You might have learned to hide certain things when you were young because your family may have told you to hide them by word or inference. Regardless of the cause you probably have one or more hidden secrets.

If you seek out those secrets you will undoubtedly find that you no longer have to keep them hidden. Looking for them and finding them is part of becoming your authentic self. The energy involved in hiding them would be available to you for other things. You would be free of the burden they impose.

While you are seeking hidden secrets you might as well look for hidden happiness. Just as you have hidden secrets you probably have hidden happiness that is just below your level of consciousness. Seek it out. Learn to become more aware. Hidden happiness often does not shout. It has a tendency to whisper.

Right now, this second, on a scale of 1- 5, “How do you feel?” If you answer “ok” that is a good rating. Any number even a 0 is a good number. Many people carry around mediocre feelings from day to day and never notice that there are moments when they are relatively happy. It is important to realize that you can have major issues going on but you do not have to live actively unhappy every moment. Being unhappy can become a habit of thought.

Science has shown that your thoughts release hormones in your body. The stress hormone cortisol, over time will make your hippocampus get smaller. Your hippocampus gives you the ability to experience pleasure so you want it to be normal in size.

Playing hide and seek will improve your quality of life and make you happier.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864

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