Reader takes issue with voting rights column

Note: The letter writer is taking issue with a column by Grant Miller, publisher, concerning restoring voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time.

To the Editor:

As a former New York criminal felony trial judge for 10 years who has seen and dealt with all types of criminals, low-lifes, and feral recidivist scum, a few observations.

Your advocating voting rights restoration for convicted Florida felons on the front page of your periodical is not only in contravention of the will of the founding fathers, but disavows our culture, heritage, and the will of the American people as evidenced by the elections of both Governor Scott and President Trump. If anything, these vermin deserve even less!

The fact, dear Sir, is that there are now a grade of “second-class” individuals. I wouldn’t even call them “citizens” since they abrogated that right when they committed a felony such as murder, child rape, violent armed robbery, or drug sales, et seq.

They don’t deserve the right to vote, since they have evidenced a patent disregard for the norms of society. The only price they have paid is segregation from civilized people for a period of time. Everything else they just live with for the rest of their lives.

Your piece seems to emanate from Democrat headquarters, since we all know — like illegal immigrants who are granted amnesty and DACA individuals — convicted criminals will overwhelmingly vote Democrat, since they stem from their traditional base of urban slums, street people, welfarites , and uneducated trailer-park denizens.

Former Judge Marc Mogil
Sunny Isles Beach

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