SIB CATS PROGRAM End of the Year Report

SIB CATS PROGRAM Ennd of thhee Yeeaar Reeport

Cats Program mascot, T-Bird

Over the years our dedicated volunteers of the SIB Cats Program have been working tirelessly in our community to reduce the cat population by taking them to be spayed or neutered. Unfortunately for the past year we have been inundated with more new cats than ever.

Some of the cats may be let go by residents, but most cats are dropped in Sunny Isles Beach by other persons or groups and the cats are feral, that is, they are afraid of people. An indication that a cat has been spayed or neutered by another group is that the ear is tipped. So, when these cats show up in well-known feeding areas, tended to by our volunteers, it is obvious that they have been captured and released by someone else.

It should also be mentioned that a cat which is relocated to one of our Sunny Isles Beach colonies from elsewhere, will not stay in that colony, because the colony will not accept a new cat. It’s a sad fact that those cats are chased out and try to relocate to other locations within our City; many end up being killed by cars in their quest for a new location.

There are several Florida Statutes which govern the treatment of stray animals:

828.12 – prohibits acts of cruelty to animals including depriving them of food or shelter.

828.08 – sets a penalty for exposing animals to poison in common areas such as streets or alleys or abandoned yards.

828.13 – provides for penalties when animals are neglected or abandoned by owner.

If you have any concerns regarding the local cat population or would like to volunteer for the Sunny Isles Beach Cats Program please call 305.792.1705 and ask for Desiree Liguori or Helena Forbes.

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