Sponsors and Scholarships added to existing Scholarship Program

Chief Fred Maas

We are proud to announce that the 2012 College Scholarship Program has become even MORE INVITING to prospective college students. The number of scholarships available has now been increased to (9) nine, each of them at a $2,500.00 award per winning student. How did this come about?

The recent addition of several sponsors who are contributing both their financial and manpower support to the program is how this happened. The Sunny Isles Beach School Trust who helps sponsor the gala event as well as forms the backbone to the committee and the legwork involved has become a named sponsor.

Additionally, the Kiwanis Club of Sunny Isles Beach and North Miami Beach has joined as a sponsor of one scholarship due to the generosity of two donors to the Kiwanis Organization. Finally, the City of Golden Beach has joined “our team” by the gracious donation of (2) two scholarships for student/residents of Golden Beach who are college bound.

Vice Mayor Lewis Thaler conferred with the Special Projects Advisors to this program, namely Chief Maas and Susan Simpson and all agreed that since the process was already in place, let’s welcome the Golden Beach Community to join us. “It really seems to be the prudent and efficient way to go,” Thaler was quoted as saying. Everyone agreed and now the program just gets bigger and better and more beneficial to our college bound seniors.

But wait. No one is handing this to you. There are requisites and obligations and service to community involved. So we suggest you drop by either Sunny Isles Beach Government Center 1st floor or the Pelican Park Community Center or visit the Internet to secure your application from anyone of these three (3) sources.

Good luck and get started for your chance of securing one of those many scholarships.

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