Spotlight On Carrie Scriffignano

Spotlight On Carrie Scriffignano

Carrie Scriffignano

Caroline Scriffignano is affectionately known as “Carrie” by everyone in her circle of acquaintances. She was 105 years young on September 27th this year. She was thrilled with her party which was attended by many who had been at her yearly parties since she was 90 years old.

Carrie was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1909. Her parents were Mariano and Concetta Defrancesco. They came to the United States from Italy when they were young, and were thrilled to become American citizens. Caroline had one sister, Mary and two brothers, Clement and Peter.

Talking to Carrie is like taking a page from a history book. She remembers how proud her dad was to be employed at the Works Progress Administration (WPA) when jobs were scarce. Carrie worked as a private secretary for Lionel Trains, after graduating Business School. She recalls walking 3 miles home every day to save 5 cents on bus fare.

She also recalls how her husband was an Air Raid Warden and would leave the house in darkness and patrol the streets to make sure all lights were out during WWII air raids. She married Joseph Scriffignano on September 27th, 1931. They honeymooned in Pittsburgh and

Washington D.C. Carrie and her husband would go to dances every Saturday night and dance to big bands of that era for 25 cents. As a young married couple they vacationed in Belmar, Spring Lake, and Atlantic City New Jersey. They had one daughter. He retired as Senior Tax Assessor for the City of Newark.

As the years passed they began to come to Miami Beach for vacations. They stayed at the Thunderbird in motel row. This was the beginning of their love for Sunny Isles. One day after crossing Collins Avenue, they discovered a wonderful hidden area called Golden Shores. They purchased a home and became “snowbirds”.

In 1981, Carrie and Joe celebrated their 50th Anniversary. As a special surprise her daughter saved her gown from that event and Carrie wore it at her 105th birthday party. After losing her beloved husband in 1990 Carrie became a full time resident of Golden Shores.

A nurse of Carrie’s, Tammy, left this note that really identifies Carrie. Tammy wrote “congratulations on your 105th, you truly are a gem. I can’t believe I have had the pleasure of befriending you. Your sense of humor and nurturing nature can captivate anyone’s heart. We all make a fuss over Carrie because she’s that cool, shy, smart, witty, and beautiful, popular kind of girl. To know Carrie is to love her. She truly sees everyone’s light and it’s been a privilege and blessing to know her.” That is our Carrie to a “T”.

Note: Carrie was recently hospitalized due to a fall. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery and return home to Sunny Isles Beach.

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