Spotlight On – Myla J.Blum

Spotlight On - Myla J.Blum

Myla hides a television and various electronics with a movable painting hung on a ceiling track.

Imagine your entire home as a work of art. You may believe that is only for design magazines. That belief will change if you experience the creativity, resourcefulness and art of Myla Blum. This longtime resident is one of Sunny Isles Beach’s hidden treasures.

Myla’s early career path was not in the art world, though clearly she is a talented artist, who also has an eye for arranging living spaces. She began this new career path by teaching herself to paint and then supplementing that knowledge with classes at Pelican Community Park. She says, “…thanks to Alan Londin for his gentle guidance at the art classes… Not only have the classes served as guidance in helping me discover my inner creativity, the classes have provided me with interesting new friends and a weekly source of relaxation. My experiences have been nothing short of wonderful ever since I walked through the doors…”
Myla’s artistic talent and creativity are evident throughout her entire home. She knows how to use color on a canvas, walls and furnishings, plus she has a professional eye when it comes to interior design. From the use of space and furnishings, the paint colors, the geometric patterns on select walls, to the art showcased in each room, her own apartment has a wonderful, uncluttered, homey feel in every room.

A visitor may observe what appear to be designer pieces purchased for thousands: a charming side table for beverages, an upholstered chair which is clearly a pet’s favorite spot, a perfectly-made bed in a color-coordinated room. The guest would be surprised to find that the headboard in the master bedroom was a dumpster rescue, as was the dog’s favorite chair, a 1920s era piece discarded by another household. A visitor would never know these facts, unless told by the owners, because the entire place has the high-end and polished designer feel.

Spotlight On - Myla J.Blum

Piece rescued from a dumpster and refurbished.

Myla is a skilled home stager. She helps homeowners in both South Florida and the Berkshires make their spaces wonderful, either for their own enjoyment or for resale. She loves giving new life to furniture pieces found for a bargain at flea markets, thrift shops and even in the trash. She calls it, “from dumpster to design.” Myla discussed the philosophy behind her artwork and home design, “Use what you have. Fill in with dumpster finds.

Comb secondhand shops. Buy new only when necessary. Think outside the box!” She shared an example of that thought process, pointing out that it may be as simple as moving a piece of furniture to another room in the same house. A homeowner may purchase an item for one room, place in that spot, and then notice it is clearly out of place. However, that same piece could work beautifully when moved to another location. She says, “…we fill in and edit, edit, edit! Something that might not work in its old life may have a wonderful new life as something else.”

All this painting, creating and staging should keep even a dynamo like Myla very busy. However, she is also a certified Holistic Health Counselor, Hypnotist, a Freedom from Smoking Facilitator, motivational speaker and consultant to Pritikin Longevity Center. Talk about well-rounded! When the time comes to sign up for fall programs, think about taking an art class at Pelican Community Park, where you will meet Myla and other “interesting new friends.”

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