Summer Losses

Traditionally, the arrival of summer is a happy time. It is a time of relaxation, vacations and increased socialization with friends and family.

It is a time of Barbeques, Boating and Bathing Suits. For many people, however, wearing a bathing suit triggers feelings of anxiety, guilt, regret, and depression. It also triggers a strong desire to diet. There are some facts you need to know and some things that you should consider when you consider dieting.

Usually, diets are forms of deprivation. Deprivation can cause rebellion and self-destructive binge eating which will defeat your efforts. This will then cause feelings of guilt which will trigger self-punishment and more overeating.

It is important to eat when you are hungry. If you starve yourself, your body will go into hoarding mode and it will store everything because it cannot trust that there will be enough food to survive. Learn to separate body hunger from psychological and emotional hunger. Find other ways to deal with your Psychological issues. Learn to identify why you are craving something. Is it anger, frustration, boredom, or control issues? What feelings are you trying to cope with or anesthetize?

It is important to eat what you like. Eating increases happy hormones in your brain. Generally, you will eat less if it is food you want rather than food you think you should have. Studies have shown that over time you will end up eating a balanced diet of 90% healthy food and 10% fun food. Even toddlers and children follow this innate system of 90/10.

It is important to keep in mind when limiting your intake that now is not forever. Your body can only metabolize so much food and so many calories, at one time so it will store the rest as fat. It is proven that after a number of bites of something, the intense pleasure experienced will dissipate. Notice your feelings of satiety and satisfaction. Remember, you can always have more of it later.

Good Luck
Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864,

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