Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue

By Justin Broman….
When you come to Florida there is usually one main thing on your mind, and that is fun in the sun and going to the beach. If you are a vacationer or a resident and you come out to Sunny Isles Beach, there is one thing you will definitely see, SIB Ocean Rescue in action. We are on the beach 7 days per week rain or shine.

We have five towers with two fully trained lifeguards in each one. Our guards are always patrolling up and down the beach on ATV’s and Jet Ski’s. We focus on preventions and doing everything we can to insure public safety at its highest level.

Sunny Isles Beach lifeguards are fully trained with many different rescue skills. We are physically training everyday on rescue techniques with rescue buoys, boards and, jet skis. We participate in ongoing training with CPR and First Aid skills; there are EMT’s and Medics on our team as well.

Our Ocean Rescue Team is consistently practicing and going over possible medical and trauma scenarios. In other words, we are ready for all emergencies that might take place.

The Police Department is a big part of our beach safety program; they dispatch us to emergencies along our coastline. The police department backs us up whenever we need them.

A very big part of our team is the Marine Patrol who is there to assist with our rescue efforts. Not only are we preventing and responding to emergencies but we enforce rules and regulations and all code enforcements on the beach. Public relations is also a big part of our job, we have all kinds of local knowledge of the area and waters. We inform our beach patron’s everyday with the most current information on local weather conditions, possible hazards, beach safety tips and our beach safety flag system.

On all of the lifeguard towers, there is a daily condition board with the latest beach conditions. If you would like to know what the beach is like before you head out, you can call our Beach Condition Hotline at 305-792-1940 or check online at

Come join us at the beach and remember ALWAYS SWIM NEAR A LIFEGUARD!

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