Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue Division Report

Justin Broman

Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue (SIBOR) Division is here to insure your safety while visiting the beach. One of the ways to keep our patrons safe is to prevent any possible emergency from happening whether it’s on the beach or in the water. However, if there is an emergency, we are ready and highly trained to take action.

Bathers – 1,842,533
Preventions – 10,852
Assists – 208
Rescues – 56
First aid administered – 2,043
Stings treated – 5,583

When patrons visit the beach, they often visit with family and friends and are excited and eager to have fun. It is important to remember the ocean can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Taking time out to plan your trip before you arrive at the beach can only help prevent an accident from happening and warn you of unseen dangers. You can call the Ocean Rescue Hotline (305-792-1940) to find out about any hazards or possible dangerous conditions (e.g. dangerous marine life, rip currents, winds, waves, surf conditions, etc.).

As you arrive at the beach, you can always approach our lifeguard towers to find out useful information and any recent changes in weather or possible hazards. The lifeguard towers are fully-equipped first aid stations and have trained Ocean Rescue personnel readily available to answer any question you might have. The towers fly a colored flag system and have a daily condition board as well.

Recently, the City Commission approved an increase in lifeguard towers in selected locations. This will give lifeguards a better view of you and your families.

So always remember safety first and you will definitely have fun and a great experience at the beach.


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