Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue

By Justin Broman….
The City of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida’s Riviera, is an international destination well known for it’s fine dining, luxury homes and hotels and unique boutique shops but the greatest attraction is of course, the beach. The 2.5 miles of fine sand beach is the first place most people go to when they arrive in Sunny Isles Beach with the attraction of the sun and the surf. Along with its beauty, soothing sounds, and refreshing splashes of water, we are also proud to say that it is extremely safe thanks to the Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue. With the support of the Commission, the Ocean Rescue Division has the personnel, the equipment, tools and training to monitor the entire beach and keep swimmers safe while they frolic in the ocean.

Most people don’t think about the ocean the way a lifeguard does. Most see the clear blue water, the ebb and flow of the waves, the warmth of the sand and the sun. And that is all they need to see because the lifeguards are there to make sure that their beach experience is an enjoyable one. The Ocean Rescue Division provides exceptional customer service and prevents emergencies from happening and responds to any type of call we may have. It could be a child missing from their parent, a water rescue involving one or numerous victims or even just helping someone out with our beach wheelchairs. The Ocean Rescue Division is always training and going over possible emergency scenarios and situations. We train in very rough water conditions with our jet ski’s, rescue boards and buoys. With over a million beachgoers annually enjoying our beach, we manage to keep everyone safe and provide exceptional customer service. Just take a look at our statistics for 2010 below.

Additionally, the Ocean Rescue Division is at all city functions and events, usually located at first aid tents and talking to the kids in local schools about beach safety and awareness. We host a Surf Camp in the spring and the very popular Jr. Lifeguard Camp in the summer.

So the next time you come out to visit the beach, walk up to one of our lifeguards at one of our five towers or just wave down one if you need assistance in any way. Have a great New Year and remember “Always swim near a lifeguard.”

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