Symbols and Symbolic Dreams

A symbol is a representation of something. It stands for something else. It can be a metaphor or it can be allegorical. Symbols are personal, cultural, and universal. They reflect the thoughts and emotions of the dreamer in the current moment. Each individual is the best interpreter of their own symbols and the meanings they hold. Symbols allow you to gain insight and to bring those things in your subconscious mind into your conscious mind. This awareness helps you to understand the issues and to deal with them. Understanding your symbols and working with them can be quite rewarding.

Start to pay attention to your dreams. Keep a pad by your bed to jot down anything you remember immediately upon awakening. Notice your feelings. Are you happy or sad, apprehensive, frightened or frustrated? Notice your emotional response to the people or events in your dream. Every person in the dream usually represents an aspect of your personality or an aspect of your relationship with them. Become aware of any recurring themes in your dreams or the repetition of a certain dream.

nvest in a book that has explanations of the images in your dreams. It will help you to interpret the possible symbolic meanings. Choose the explanation that closely resembles what is happening in your actual life. There is a correlation between your dream images and your feelings and the activities and experiences in your waking life.

The symbols in your dreams provide an insight into your psychological health. They will let you know how you are doing and where you are psychologically in the current moment. There is a reason you are having that particular dream and using those particular symbols. Many therapists use dream interpretation to better help the patient understand their own personality and their own subconscious. Interpreting the symbols provides a means to evaluate the individual’s issues and their behavior. It can help to foster and support the integration of their personality and the healing process.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864

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