Take a trip to Sicily

Our trip to Sicily was a wonderful experience. The City of Taormina is a beautiful City with history dating back to 1400 B.C. The Roman and the Greek influence both are very visible.

An example of this influence is the Naumachia, a large amphitheatre-type structure made of brick, 122 meters long and 5 meters high. It was built in Roman times and more specifically in the second century A.D. Naumachia, the name literally means “naval battle”. In fact, once it was believed that the structure was a fountain made by the Romans to represent naval battles. Roman structures such as this, leftover from ancient times, were used as foundations for modern homes.

In addition to the wonderful history and structures which are centuries old, there are modern hotels, beautiful beaches and shopping one would expect in an upscale location.

The Sister City meetings were presented with taste and beauty. The violins played in the background during the presentation of the Sister City Agreement and the speeches of the delegation. This gave the entire event a wonderful ambience.

Overall, the trip was a great experience for me and my fellow commissioners. We look forward to our partnership with Taormina to the mutual benefit of both of our cities.

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  1. Thank you for your sweet article about Sicily. My father in law was from Sicily and my husband and I have enjoyed many a trip there to see cousins. The Greeks were there before us and they built the most beautiful temples. In fact in Siracusa there is the Temple of Minerva that is covered by a Catholic church. It was Paul the Apostle who was shipwrecked there on his way in chains to imprisonment in Rome. He stood on the site and said, "Jesus is Lord"! Many were converted on the spot and a Catholic church was built, encasing the Temple, which makes it the most perfectly preserved Greek temple in the world. Yes, Sicily is a garden of wonders. Again, thank you for writing about Sicily and bringing back such wonderful memories.
    Anita Isaia
    Tamarac, Florida

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