The City Commission Agenda

Please join us in the Commission Chambers starting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

There is one zoning hearing on the Agenda:

The applicant is seeking site plan approval for a 17-story commercial office tower. The applicant has submitted two site plans:

• Option One consists of a site plan with a 17- story tower with 58,551 square feet lf floor area ratio inclusive of TDRs. The applicant is also requesting permission to purchase TDRs in the amount of 9,239 square feet of floor area and zero dwelling units. If this request is approved, an adjustment will be made for a decrease of 9,239 square feet of floor area and five dwelling units in the City’s TDR bank.

• Option Two consists of a site plan with a 17- story tower with 48,778 square feet of floor area ratio without TDRs.

• Additionally, the applicant is requesting approval of the use of mural and graphics on temporary construction fencing.

There is one Ordinance for first reading: Amending Section 265-5 of the Code entitled “Definitions” to clarify the meaning of height.

There are three Ordinances for second reading:

• Amending Section 265-46(17) of the code to clarify the size requirement for mechanical parking stalls.

• Amending Chapter 172 of the code to prohibit discrimination against persons based on gender identity or gender expression.

• Amending Chapter 62 of the code to clarify that purchases less than $50,000 may be made, or entered into, by the City Manager without submittal to the City Commission, but shall otherwise require compliance with the competitive bidding requirements set forth in Chapter 62.

There are seventeen Resolutions on the Agenda:

• Request to approve the donation of surplus computer equipment to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami and South Florida Digital Alliance.

• Request to approve an agreement with Safeware, Inc. to install and maintain security, access control and network connectivity at Gateway Park.

• Request to approve the City Manager to expend budgeted funds on purchases of hardware products and/or hardware and software maintenance and support from GHA Technologies, Inc.

• Request to approve a submission by the Sunny Isles Beach Foundation to approve the temporary use of a wall to create an “Art Wall” located at the West Side of the 18090-18230 Collins Avenue RK Shopping Center.

• Request to approve TDRs in the amount of 9,239 square feet of floor area and four dwelling units to Corner House, LLC for property located at 18590 Collins Avenue from the City’s TDR bank account.

• Request to approve a waiver of plat application for Gateway Park.

• Request to authorize a transfer of TDRs subaccount in the amount of 19,287 square feet of floor area and nine units in favor of St. Tropez Beach Developers, LLC.

• Request to expend partial forfeiture funds from the Dept. of Justice to purchase document scanners, UHF radios and accessories, television/ monitors, a forensic data extraction solution and other permissible items.

• Request to approve an agreement between Ronald L. Book, Esq. and the City of Sunny Isles Beach for professional legislative relations and lobbying services.

• Request to accept a donation of two cast aluminum bird sculptures from Commissioner Isaac Aelion.

• Request to approve change order #2 to the agreement with PAC Comm., Inc. for concrete debris removal and DERM permitting delays for the Intracoastal seawall emergency repair project.

• Request to approve an agreement with Mansfield Oil Company for the purchase of diesel fuel for the 2,000-gallon above ground tank.

• Request to accept a perpetual easement agreement from the State of Florida Department of Transportation for the purposes of constructing, operating and maintaining the Sunny Isles Beach pedestrian bridge at Gateway Park.

• Request to approve an agreement with Witt O’Brien’s, LLC for emergency debris monitoring management services.
Request to approve a second amendment to the agreement with R. J. Behar & Company, Inc. to provide additional engineering and architectural services for Samson Oceanfront Park.

• Request to approve the third amendment to the agreement with John Churchill for fleet maintenance, repair services and preventative maintenance to city-owned buses.

• Request to approve the fourth amendment to the agreement with Unique Charters for transportation services-motor coach rental. There will be a discussion regarding the skate park by Vice Mayor Jeanette Gatto.

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