The School Trust Fund Honors Sid Gersh

The School Trust Fund Honors Sid Gersh

Left to right: Stephanie Tudor, Assistant Principal at ATM High School; Bryna Berman, Assistant to the Principal at NSE K-8 SIB School; Joni Balkin, family friend; Dr. Annette Weissman, Principal, NSE K-8 SIB School; Norman S. Edelcup, Mayor; Nancy Gersh; Lew Thaler, Vice President of the School Trust and ex Vice Mayor; and Bob Welsh, President of the School Trust. Photo by Dave Gartner.

The School Trust Fund raises monies to supplement and complement the budgets of our local schools for improving educational opportunities for our Sunny Isles Beach and Golden Beach students. We have engraved a plate on our “Wall of Giving” in the memory of Sid Gersh.

Sid Gersh was a man who dedicated his life to public service and politics. His support for local politicos and national figures, made him very popular. He opened the door to the School Trust having a wonderful relationship with the political community.

He first got interested in Florida politics when he moved here from Providence, Rhode Island in the 1960’s. He opened doors to Dick Gephardt, Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, and Alex Sink for the Trust.

He is survived by his wife Nancy and her children who looked upon Sid as a Father. Nancy says, “His happy smiling face, his love for people, and his ‘good guy’ attitude with friends and family will always be in my heart.”

The Trust welcomes community support and contributions. Donations will be recognized on our “Wall” in the Norman S. Edelcup K-8 School rotunda. For further information, please contact Bob Welsh 305- 607-5706.

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  1. Poor misguided Sid…would have probably supported the anti-Semitic Kenyan.

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