Wandering & Pondering

Dan Palmer

Charlie was a good business man and quite clever in his female relationships. He never could find that right one for him till he met Rita.

She was a lovely person good in her profession and pretty much what he felt would fit in with him for the long run. One minor thing was that he was twelve years older than her and maybe that could be a draw back. He decided to go slowly with her wants.

He thought about about all sort of things that would bring them close together.

Then a very good position along that he heard about. It really was s the perfect job for her and through some friends he was able to secure an interview for her. As it turned out she got the job and it turned out to be better for her than he imagined Rita was effusive in thanking him for helping.

He took her out to celebrate the job and then felt he had gotten pretty much through. He now felt he was getting more and more in her good graces.

Then the day came when she asked if they could go out because she wanted to ask him something important for them both.

Charlie finally felt that she realized how important he was to her. He picked a fine restaurant and waited patiently until she had finished her meal. Then she looked at him picked up his hand, “Charlie you have been so important in me life. You affected me so much that my life as becoming very important for both of us. I completely realize it is time for me to go on with my life that includes you in it. “She paused for a minute and then she continued, “Charlie I want to get married” she paused and then… “Charlie it would be the greatest thing for me if you gave me away at my wedding.”

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