Wandering & Pondering

Dan Palmer

There’s a couple in their 30s, who are worried about the wife’s mother who had been widowed a few years ago. She isn’t acting the way they feel an oldish widow should act.

As far as they are concerned she should have gotten into a small apartment gotten a hot plate to cook on and of course to always be available for baby sitting and whenever they wanted to get away for “us” time. After all she still had to remember to be a widow with memories to keep her going.

However, she isn’t acting the way she should. Has a very nice apartment in an upscale area. Even has a man around her age that she seems to see a lot of and she isn’t that available when they need her. She has gone away for weekends with him if you can imagine that. Rumors have it they may even be sleeping together. At their age? Can’t be true because she is a widow and up there in age. They have gotten together with a few of their friends and decided that their mother is acting in an immature way.

The couple has decided to have a discussion with her to realize that she isn’t acting maturly and even insulting the memory of her husband by her actions. She wonders where she went wrong when she raised them. As far as she is concerned they are acting “old.”

The widow is trying to figure out a way for them to “grow up” when it comes to her way of life. She is thinking of moving a bit further away from them so that maybe they will worry about their daily lives, not hers. She feels she might have to have a discussion with them to explain that they (the children) are really going about this in a very immature way.

Now the question in this situation is: Who is mature and who is immature? I think I might be hitting a nerve in this. Did I happen to touch one of yours?

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