Wandering & Pondering Sneaky Sam


Everyone knows “Sneaky Sam…” Maybe by another name but any business knows him.

The guy that when the “Boss” has a meeting he is the one cheering up the boss and telling everyone that what the boss is talking about are the words of gospel, then when the boss goes elsewhere he stays behind doing things he should have done a week before.

Sneaky had a girl friend, a very meekish one, who one fine day ended up in the hospital. Seems she had fallen down the stairs in her home and was quite bruised. Sneaky asked the boss to give him a week in advance, from his salary, because he needed to pay the hospital bills. The boss obliged. Then an odd thing happened, Sneaky didn’t show up for work the next day but the girl friend did. She told the boss that Sneaky had left town without paying the hospital bill. Also she had been in the hospital because Sam had somehow beaten her so badly that she had to take care of her injuries. She showed the boss her bruises and said that this was how he always hit her after he had a brew or two.

She had felt that he would somehow change because he was so good to her when he was sober, but this time he had been full of anger and determined to beat her up.

It made it all the worse when in the fit of anger he had told her that as far as he was concerned she was really just a fill in. Seems that Sam had just heard from his wife in another state which she knew nothing about who had informed him that now that she was out of jail, she needed him to help her with her latest venture in her drug dealing business.

Sneaky Sam…

I wonder what name he is using in your business? Your friend’s business?’ or maybe for now he is just sitting there measuring you up.

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