Wandering & Pondering-The Heart

Jerry was a good heart surgeon. As a result he was every mother’s dream for her daughter.

But there was a problem. As a lover he was pretty bad. Trouble was he knew it, which didn’t help his self esteem. It didn’t matter to him when doing the act, he was satisfied but it was ovbvious that the other one was completely disappointed.

He never trusted the women he made love to because he felt that they were faking their reactions so that they could get to him and his doctorism in spite of his ineptness in the love making end. After all he was a “doctor” making lots of money.

He wanted to get married but his self esteem was way low. He had a way of checking as to whether the partner at the moment was faking while she was exclaiming how great it had been, he would calmly check to see how fast her heart was going, regular beat and Jerry saw a a fake.

He finally met Rita, who aware of his way of checking the love results, she liked Jerry. However she really wanted him in her life and when it finally came to his love making, in the aftermath, which Jerry checked her breathing, she was breathing very fast and happily. This made Jerry finally feel that he now had a love that really was just that.

When asked by one of her friends how she enjoyed what others found disappointing, she laughed and said, “When I was little my mother told me that if I dreamed real hard, things would happen. I followed my mother’s advice and when Jerry was making love to me, boy did I dream. To say I was breathless is putting it mildly.”

Jerry the heart man and Sue were married five years ago. Now two children later Jerry tells the whole world that his marriage is what dreams are made of.

Sue smiles and completely agrees.

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