What’s Happening at NSE/SIB K-8

What’s Happening at NSE/SIB K-8Highlights from the first quarter at Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isle Beach K-8! It’s been a busy, busy few weeks as students and teachers settled into their new classes and the challenge of meeting all our students’ needs is addressed. NSE SIB K-8 is fortunate to have a dedicated faculty, involved parents and supportive community who work together to make very special things happen for our students.

Election Results:

What’s Happening at NSE/SIB K-8As part of a district-wide initiative all of our students – from Kindergarten through eighth grade – had an opportunity to vote online for the President of the United States and for the Senator. In addition our middle school students elected their new Student Government Association officers who will be installed later this month. Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Student Government

What’s Happening at NSE/SIB K-8Association Officers

President – Sumara Subzwari

Vice President – Daniel Michael

Secretary- Sofia Sasson

PTSA Representative- Shayaan Subzwari

EESAC Representative- Irwin Abrams

Treasurer- Alexander Fortuny

What’s Happening at NSE/SIB K-8Ms. Ward’s Sixth grade class created motivational posters to encourage adults to vote. After school Ms. Ward’s class walked over to the Government Center and displayed their posters hoping to inspire a large voter turnout.


NSE SIB K-8 is proud to announce that it has launched a chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and our middle school students are working very hard to secure a spot on the membership roster. They are studying to ensure good grades, volunteering to ensure service points and demonstrating leadership by joining school clubs. The induction ceremony for new members will be held in the spring.

What’s Happening at NSE/SIB K-8HONORS:

We are so proud of:

All our students who earned a “5” on the 2012 Reading, Mathematics and/or Science FCATS. These students were recognized at an assembly at the beginning of the school year and received medals from the PTSA for their academic achievements.

Mayor Norman S. Edelcup who recently honored the school by serving as Principal for the Day.

Biana Pinchuk and Brandon Goldberg who have performed throughout the District.

Ms. Johanna Morales who was chosen by her peers as the NSE SIB K-8 Teacher of the Year and;

Ms. Monica LaRocca who was chosen by her peers as the NSE SIB K-8 Rookie Teacher of the Year. Both of these outstanding teachers are selected as the top 5 finalists from over 80 schools in the North Region. We are so proud of them!

Our Spelling Bee winners and their teachers:

Grades 1-2

1st Place – Jervis Hough from Ms. Favata

2nd Place Alfredo Vega from Ms. Morsello

3rd Place Giselle Ramirez from Ms. Carmouze

Grades 3-4-5

1st Place Adrianus Pont from Ms. Disla

2nd Place Mia Escudero from Ms. W. Green

3rd Place Robert McLymont from Ms. Selwood Grades 6-7-8 1st Place – Shayaan Subzwari from Ms. Ward’s Language Arts 2nd Place Mikayla Webster from Ms. Alfonso’s Language Arts 3rd Place Frederick Friedeberg from Ms. Amador’s Language Arts


Bilingual Department – The bilingual staff celebrated our diversity with an Hispanic Heritage Parade. Students dressed in native outfits and carried flags as they walked throughout the school.

Math Department – Ms. Baron and Ms. Melkumova prepared our middle school students for the Math Bonanza competition. Once again, NSE SIB K-8 walked away with honors in many categories.

Physical Education – Master Sang and his staff worked with our students during their physical education classes and then hosted a graduation ceremony at his facility

Reading – Ms. Levinson, Media Specialist, has arranged for several authors to visit the school and share their stories. The authors address selected grade levels and the students have an opportunity to hear first-hand what inspired the authors to write the book.

Our Kindergarten students participated in a Halloween Parade of Characters which highlighted their interest in learning to read. Students came dressed as their favorite storybook characters and paraded around the school.

Health and Safety – Many parents attended a drug abuse prevention workshop arranged by Officer Gonzalez. It was most informative and sparked requests for additional workshops. Another one is planned for January 15th.

Parents and students walked to school on International Walk Your Child to School Day to teach children how to walk to school safely. Select a safe route, look both ways twice before crossing and do not make any stops along the way.

Science – The science teachers conducted Science Fair Workshops for Middle School parents and Elementary School parents so the parents would be able to support their children’s efforts. These were followed by weekly Science Fair Camps for the students.


NSE SIB K-8 is very fortunate to have the financial support of the Sunny Isles Trust Fund. This organization raises money for both NSE SIB K-8 and ATM. Last year the Fund purchased 45 Ipads for the school and this year the Fund purchased an innovative reading comprehension program for our after school tutorial program. The students and teachers are making good use of both the Ipads and the reading program and we know that both of these purchases will improve academic growth.

Over 50 parents, students and teachers joined other community members for the Breast Walk for Cancer. It is our way of giving back to a community that is so supportive of the school.

There is one constant in all of the activities mentioned above and that is our PTSA. Besides meetings and special events like Moms and Muffins, the PTSA is a part of everything that happens at the school. On Election Day, they manned the computers, during the spelling bees they presented each participant with a trinket, during Walk Your Child to School Day, they distributed literature and stickers and the list goes on and on. As you can see, it has been a busy and productive first quarter! We now look forward to an equally exciting second quarter.

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