Winter Break Camp in Sunny Isles Beach

Winter Break Camp in Sunny Isles BeachFor some families, school break means finding a place for children to spend safe and fun time while their parents work. The City of Sunny Isles Beach offers camp for students during both winter and spring breaks.

Additionally, All Day Fun Zones are offered for teacher planning days during the school year. Participants at this year’s Winter Break Camp found a great place to enjoy supervised, fun, holiday activities and trips to local kid-friendly spots.

Camp perks included a camp tee shirt, one lunch every Friday and two field trips per week. Over the two weeks of camp the kids participated in off-site trips to Planet Air, Sparez Bowling, Action Town Florida and the Miami Science Museum. On-site activities included visits from Plaster Castle (Arts and Crafts) & Real Food Academy (Cooking with Kids) and SIB Community Policing Officer David Barrios.

When the Plaster Castle instructors arrived, imagination took over. Campers painted plaster creations in some very interesting styles. From the delicate strokes of those artists who subscribed to the “staying inside the lines” technique to “the more paint, the better” style, the works of art showcased each child’s personality.

The Cooking with Kids activity took on the appearance of performance art. Counselors and campers alike became involved in the process. Dynamic Chefs led the group step-by-step towards the finished product, Pizza on a Stick. Helpful hints during the preparation, such as, how thick to cut ingredients, and how to wrap it, ensured that all involved had a good experience. Officer David Barrios spoke with campers about an important topic around the nation: bullying.

Officer Barrios explained the two types of bullying, direct or indirect, and touched on how the bully dynamic works; including how a bully recruits others to bully with him. The audience was given helpful tips on how to react to a bully and how to involve adults in the situation.

By the end of the two weeks of camp new friendships were formed, everyone at camp learned new skills, had fun, got exercise and parents did not have to worry about boredom or bad attitudes. Many campers returned to school refreshed, with good stories to tell their classmates.

If you missed Winter Break Camp, be sure to check out Spring Break Camp from March 23 – 27 this year. Registration for camp begins on February 23. For more information about After School Program, All Day Fun Zone Days, and school break or summer camps, please refer to the quarterly SIB Living Magazine or the website at Questions may also be addressed in person to the staff at Pelican Community Park desk or by calling 305-792-1706.

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