Brickell Energy President Alejandro Burgana and Carnival Cruise LIne CFO Jim Heaney.
Brickell Energy President Alejandro Burgana and Carnival Cruise Line CFO Jim Heaney.

Brickell Energy celebrated with Carnival on June 8 as they introduced innovative new electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations at the cruise line’s corporate office in Doral.

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the unveiling of the new charging stations took place with dozens of employees in the northwest parking lot outside the Carnival Cafe, where refreshments were enjoyed. The eco-fun event also includes an opportunity for employees to check out BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles (see Photo Gallery).

Miami-based Brickell Energy’s agreement with Carnival Cruise Line is for deployment of four dual-port ChargePoint stations capable of charging eight plug-in electric vehicles at the same time. In addition, Carnival adopted the popular “aFLoat” program offered by Brickell Energy, in order to maximize the benefits to its employees while minimizing its capital investment.

BRICKELL_ENERGY-060712-Photo-2According to Brickell Energy President Alejandro Burgana, “This is a significant commitment on the part of Carnival to its employees who desire convenient access to EV charging stations at their workplace. It also sends a clear signal that Carnival is doing its best to be a good corporate citizen.” The Carnival deployment represents one of Brickell Energy’s largest corporate agreements yet.

“We are pleased to work with forward-thinking companies such as Carnival to provide access to cutting-edge solutions that meet the growing demand for smart EV charging services,” Burgana said.

Floridians are evolving to cleaner and more efficient transportation means, making the Sunshine State the 4th largest market for electric vehicles – with double digit growth rates.

The system being deployed at Carnival is the ChargePoint CT4000 smart charging station, which is the right fit for businesses, municipalities, and property owners that want to offer EV charging to their employees, customers, residents, and fleets. Each unit offers two standard SAE J1772™ Level 2 charging ports, Clean Cord Technology, and payment platforms that accept RFID cards, credit cards, and Apple Pay.

Floridians are evolving to cleaner and more efficient transportation means, making the Sunshine State the 4th largest market for EVs.

Among many other sophisticated functions and features, users can optimize their charging sessions through reservations and waiting-list capabilities. On top of that, each unit is protected with a five-year Assure warranty that covers parts and labor.

“We are passionate about electric vehicles and how they are progressively changing the way America commutes, but we also care about our customers’ investments,” Burgana noted. With that in mind, Brickell Energy is coupling deployment of its best technology in the market from ChargePoint with the most sophisticated financial tools for its clients.

Called the aFLoat program for Preserving Florida One Connection at a Time, Burgana says this unique program was designed with a dual purpose in mind.

The aFLoat program is considered a valuable financial tool that facilitates the adoption of the much-needed charging infrastructure with smart and innovative financial programs for qualified hosts – such as the firm’s Host Agreement and the Rental Plan. These aFLoat programs are getting great acceptance by developers, landlords, and property managers who want to offer the convenience of EV charging to their EV drivers at a minimum financial cost.

Bafloat_greenut, he adds, aFLoat is also geared to create awareness about the benefits of adopting electric vehicles to eliminate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on transportation in order to prevent the devastating effects of sea level rise on Florida’s coastal cities.

In so many ways, explains Burgana, “Brickell Energy’s agreement with Carnival plugs in extremely well with their long tradition of making sustainability and clean technology a corporate priority.”

Brickell Energy is committed to offering the most compelling, smart, conveniently located, and affordable solution in the market facilitating the adoption of charging stations for host, station owners, fleet managers and EV drivers all across Florida.

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