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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is one of the most popular video games ever and this is due in part to the game’s coveted ‘skins’. The original game, which is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, offers ‘skins’ as rewards throughout gameplay.

Skins allow you to aesthetically change the colour of your weapons and have become a sort of online currency in their own right. As some skins are rarer or more valuable than others, skin trading has become a very important part of CS:GO for many players.

This has led to the creation of many third party sites, which operate outside of the game and allow players to trade real cash for the sale of skins. Moreover, it has also led to the creation of CS:GO gambling sites, where players can risk their skins for the chance to win a jackpot of skins or higher value skins.

CS:GO Flip a Coin Games – How To Play

Here is a brief step by step guide of how to play a CS:GO coin flip  game:

  1. Input a bet amount chose a side of the coin
  2. Click flip coin
  3. See if you’ve won

At some CS:GO sites, coin flip games really are that simple!

However, at other sites there may be other betting options, such as wagering against other players. In these circumstances, sometimes your chance of winning will chance dependent on what you’ve wager too.

As a coin has two sides, a coin flip bet usually gives you a 50/50 chance of winning. However, in coin flip CS:GO bets where you’re betting against another player, your odds might change depending on what’s up for grabs.

For example, if you’ve placed a wager of a skin worth £1 and another player has wagered a skin worth 10p, you may get better odds as you’ve got more to lose.

This adds some excitement to the game as, if you’re the one betting the lower value skins, it gives you a chance to win something impressive for a small wager.

CS:GO Coin Flip Gamble

As we mentioned above, CS:GO gambling sites offer CS:GO players the chance to wager their skins in the hopes of getting more, or more valuable, items. This can be done via games of skill such as blackjack, games of chance such as roulette, or by placing wagers on professional CS:GO matches.

However, since many CS:GO players aren’t regular gamblers, CS:GO gambling sites have also created simple games that give players the opportunity to wager their skins without having to learn about classic casino games or team statistics.

Coin flip games are one example of these simplified games, and they are not only easy to get to grips with but they’re also very exciting. Coin flip games allow players to wager their skins in a fast paced yet straightforward environment, which means players can win rewards in seconds should they be so lucky.

A coin flip game simply requires a player to place a bet and wait for the outcome. Should the coin land on the side you bet on, you win. It is important to note that there’s no skill involved in this game, as it’s purely down to luck.

This can be very appealing to some players, but may be off-putting to others, so consider carefully if coin flip games suit your playing style before giving it a go.

Why Players Love CS:GO Coinflip Sites

Playing coin flip games with your CS:GO skins has many advantages over playing traditional casino games or betting on professional matches. Here are just some of the reasons why coin flip games are so appealing to players:

  • They’re easy to learn how to play
  • They’re fast-paced
  • They don’t require you to have a knowledge of casino games (like CS:GO roulette does), or of team statistics and facts (like betting on CS:GO does)
  • They have clear odds so you know what your chances are of winning
  • They’re entirely based on luck which is exciting for some players

How CS:GO Coin Flip Websites Work

Although there is now hundreds of CS:GO gambling sites around, they all share a similar way of operating. First of all players will have to register at the site, confirm that you’re aged over 18 and then log in with your Steam account. This allows you to deposit your skins from your Steam inventory with ease.

After this, you can play with your skins directly and therefore wager specific skins on different bets, or you can exchange your skins for coins. In general CSGO coinflip sites https://csgogambling24.com/coinflip-sites/ will give you around 100 coins for $1 worth of items.

The advantage of betting coins over skins themselves is that you can choose to spend only a share of the value of the skin. However, some players may find that they prefer to bet skins directly, as this allows them to see what exactly is up for grabs at all times.

If you have chosen to play with skins, as opposed to coins, if you win a CS:GO coin flip bet then withdrawing is an easy affair. Once you’ve won a skin, you can simply send it to your CS:GO Steam inventory and it will be ready for use.

However, if you’re playing with coins you will have to exchange them back for skins before you can withdraw. This can sometimes lead to complications as some sites only make high-value skins available for exchanges. This means that players have to gamble, and win, a lot before they can accumulate enough coins to be able to trade them for a skin and withdraw.

Most of the time, CS:GO gamblers can avoid problems by doing their research before signing up to any CS:GO gambling site. One of the greatest things about playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the huge community, and therefore there’s plenty of CS:GO coin flip site reviews around.

Always make sure you check whether a site is trustworthy and legit before depositing any skins!

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