Reality Boost developing apps for Google Glass

Reality Boost (, a Kendall-based technology company specializing in the development of mobile and Internet-based apps, is developing apps for Google Glass, one of the tech world’s most-talked-about devices.

The announcement that RealityBoost will be programming for Google Glass — known as “making Glassware” in the tech world — comes on the heels of the company’s CEO having been added to Google’s exclusive, invitation-only Glass Explorer Program.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our company,” said Edwin Rivera, RealityBoost president and CEO, whose 2-year-old tech company has been described as a hybrid — part think tank, part studio, and part lab. “Glass opens the door to many of the ideas we’ve had of creating apps that will be seamless to use, especially with our experience in the Augmented Reality space.”

Since its introduction in 2012, Google Glass has gained worldwide media attention because of the futuristic look of the glasses and the ability of the wearer to communicate with the Internet via natural voice commands.

Essentially, Google Glass is a wearable Android-powered device built into the frames of glasses that display information in the wearer’s field of vision in a smartphone- like, hands-free format. Using voice commands — or by tapping on the frame of the glasses — the wearer can “tell” the Glass to perform a variety of functions, including take a picture, record a video, get directions, send a message and make phone calls. In addition, Google Glass, which is connected to the Internet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, will be able to run a variety of apps designed by developers such as RealityBoost.

“We’re looking at developing a wide range of mobile apps for Glass, including numerous B-to-B solutions,” said Rivera, a former Desert Storm Marine whose company has been involved in producing Augmented Reality experiences for companies such as Walmart, Marvel, Disney and Evy of California. “Glass is the next phase of the Internet where devices and the real world converge so we’re increasing the size of the team specifically dedicated to working on Glass as well as looking at integrating Glass with the new ‘beacon’ technology. We’re excited about the possibilities.”

For more information, contact Rivera at 1-888-662-0866.

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