Vets and Badges: From War to Police Service: A Hero’s Story

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You are in high school. You watch passenger jets slam into the Twin Towers of the
World Trade Center, in New York City. You watch the towers collapse and
thousands die. You realize that you must do something. You graduate high
school, forego college for the present, you join the United States Army. Shortly
thereafter, you find yourself serving as a sniper in a mortar platoon, 1st Battalion,

37th Armored Regiment, in what will become known as the Battle of Ramadi (part
of Operation Iraqi Freedom). You later return to the United States, after serving
your nation, to serve your community in Allentown, Pennsylvania as a law
enforcement professional. You are Army Commendation Medal Winner Benjamin
Thomas Iobst.

Benjamin joined Robert Asencio and David Magnusson to discuss what he went
through during the Battle of Ramadi and his transition to being a police officer
when he returned. He made a frank assessment about the stresses he
encountered upon returning and how it carried over into his law enforcement

Benjamin discusses how he sought out and received the tools needed so he could
struggle well and learn to help himself and others along the way. His story is very
compelling, leading to far more in-depth discussion and concerns as it applies to
law enforcement and the support it needs for the betterment of all who serve.

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