All in this together

All in this togetherGovernment and its leadership are constantly confronted with challenges and opportunities. I am confident that West Park will jointly meet the fiscal challenges that face us and will take full advantage of the opportunities before us. Despite extraordinary challenges, we come together, as a community, to reconfirm our priorities and define the kind of City we want to be. All projects and expenses will need to be weighed and considered for the future in order to maintain and improve our quality of life while working to live within the reality of tightening resource availability and opportunity.

As your Commissioner, I am committed to sustaining the important financial reforms that have instilled the stability and credibility of our City. Whatever circumstances we face, be assured that I will work to ensure that we run this City in a fiscally responsible way and keep the pact with the public to put their interests before all others.

These shared goals are expressed each year in our City budget. The budget spells out our needs, quantifies what we can afford, and sets in motion the initiatives and corrective measures that will keep us on a true course. Further, it respects both the interests of the taxpayers and our responsibility to future generations. I know that we are sharply focused on what needs to be provided for our future to keep us on a course of sustainability, opportunity, prosperity and the quality of life we expect and have enjoyed in the past.

The budget continues to reflect the responsible and sound fiscal leadership that is the trademark of this government and that has positioned West Park to take full advantage of the strengths of the resources, people, and businesses that contribute to the success, happiness, and opportunity of this community. We will continue to evaluate and re-evaluate all aspects of city government, and we will continue to use the budget as a guidepost as we establish West Park as a smart, world-class city where everyone matters. I hope you find the description of the City’s budget clear and accessible, that you share its priorities and that you believe, as I do, that it puts our City on the right course.

Please play your part by joining the West Park Commission and staff for the upcoming Budget meetings. The budget debates continue to be difficult as our needs grow, but our dollars do not keep up. Your feedback and input is crucial, and these meetings, as well as your participation provide a great opportunity to not only learn how the decisions are made and how taxpayer dollars are spent, but also to have your concerns and comments considered for next year’s budget deliberations.

I am a proud steward of this City and together committed with you, as we are truly “All in this Together.” #OneWestPark

Remember to contact me at City Hall with your ideas, suggestions or concerns. I represent you and appreciate your input into the continued success of our beloved city. I can be reached at (954) 889-4164 or email:

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