City Adopts 2016 Legislative Priority List


foto gastosOn February 3, 2016, the Mayor, City Commission and City Manager attended and participated in the Annual Legislative Session in Tallahassee, Florida. During the trip, they presented proposals for City projects and improvements. On Wednesday, February 17, 2015, the City Commission adopted the Legislative Priority List outlining funding requests for the following proposed improvements for the City: 1. SW 40th Avenue Complete Street Improvement (Pembroke Road to County Line Road) This much needed transportation enhancement project will provide complete street improvements along SW 40th Avenue. This project consists of the construction of approximately 1.5 miles of a transportation enhancement roadway that includes storm water system upgrades, approximately 3,500 square yards of concrete sidewalk; resurfacing of 1.5 miles of roadway; installation of pedestrian streetlights; construction of approximately 4,000 linear feet of a 4 ft. bike lane; construction of landscaped traffic calming elements; installation of trees with ground covers and sod. The project corridor benefits four cities and serves as a transportation route for a total population of 267,037. Project Cost: $1.500,000,000.

2. Cultural Center at McTyre Park-Phase-I (Building Construction) The City of West Park adopted the McTyre Park Master Plan. This project consists of design and construction of a Multi-purpose Center on the 18.4 acres of Public Park. The Multipurpose cultural center will house a preforming theater, multipurpose room, three multipurpose courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball and other activities. This new facility will create much needed jobs for the surrounding community. The plan was approved by the City Commission with input from the community. Project Cost: $20,000,000.00

3. Economic Initiative – Preparation of Retention Ponds for Redevelopment This project consists of the preparation of active retention ponds for redevelopment. The process includes the installation of a single precast concrete modular storm water management system. This system will allow for the ponds to be retrofitted with the concrete modular which will retain and clean the storm water and allow the area to be covered for the use of building a structure in the footprint of an area where the pond exists. Upon development of the retention ponds the areas will be viable and sustainable to create jobs, and increase property values while maintaining clean water in the precast structure. This funding would also allow for the development of vacant and under-utilized parcels along Federal Highway 411, and it would create new jobs. Project Cost: $3,900,000.00 Location of Retention Pond 1: South State Road 7 & Hallandale Beach Blvd Project Cost: $2,031,202.00 Location of Retention Pond 2: 3151 South State Road 7 Project Cost: $799,369.73 Location of Retention Pond 3: South State Road 7 & SW 36 Street Project Cost: $979,361.01

4. Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan – Phase I: (Study Areas A, B, & C) This project will address neighborhood traffic calming with the overall concern for safety on local residential streets. Traffic calming will include redesign of streets, traffic circles, street humps, chokers, roadway striping, median closures, speed lump/speed cushions, textured pavements, Center Island narrowing, and other traffic calming improvements elements. The following are the three areas that are being proposed for traffic: Area A North Boundary: Hallandale Beach Boulevard South Boundary: County line Road (NE 215 Street) Western Boundary: State Road 7 Eastern Boundary: SW 56 Avenue Area B North Boundary: Pembroke Road South Boundary: Hallandale Beach Blvd. Western Boundary: SW 58th Avenue Eastern Boundary: SW 40th Avenue Area C North Boundary: Hallandale Beach Boulevard South Boundary: County line Road Western Boundary: SW 48th Avenue Eastern Boundary: SW 32nd Avenue Estimated cost: 2,500,000.00 Phase 1: 500,000.00 Phase 2: 500,000.00 Phase 3: 500,000.00 Phase 4: 500,000.00 Phase 5: 500,000.00

5. Senior Programming In keeping with the nation’s desire to enhance the quality of life for our senior residents, the Senior Program will support high quality low-cost activities and nutrition for senior residents. The program will provide weekly activities through shuttle bus transportation, credentialed and courteous staff services, social interaction, recreational outings, health fairs, exercise and nutrition. This program will minimize service gaps for our senior population that may suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness and other ailments that plague our elderly residents. Estimated cost is $250,000.00

6. Youth Crime Prevention The City of West Park is in need of assistance to address the issue of truancy and crime prevention within South Broward. The City is ranked as the third (3rd) highest community with schools that have multiple risk factors. These risk factors include, but are not limited to suicide, truancy, juvenile crime, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, and other negative behavior patterns. According to the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), these risk factors can lead to the detriment of a student’s capacity to envision or achieve success. As part of the City’s commitment to provide quality youth programming that will deter truancy, bullying and other negative behavior among school-age children, funding is being requested to support after school and summer programming, and the production of a skit that will feature the City and students as actors. Early intervention is essential to preventing and deterring negative behavior and any potential for criminal activity. Our low income, at risk community is seeking support that will create a positive impact on students. Support is needed for this community outreach for crime prevention and anti-bullying. Project Cost: $250,000.00

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