City Extends Code Enforcement Liens and Accrued Fines Amnesty Program

The City of West Park has established a period of Code Enforcement Liens and Accrued Fines Amnesty that would address the back-log of liens on record/daily fines accruing and sought to provide relief to the property owners. Also, this Code Enforcement Liens and Accrued Fines Amnesty Program will be beneficial in achieving the goal of compliance and it will further serve a public benefit by increasing property value throughout the city.

The following are the City’s criteria for the Code Enforcement Liens and Accrued Fines Amnesty Program:
1. Applications will be accepted from now until July 31, 2019 and payment of all liens must occur prior to July 31, 2019.

2. All property violations on the property must be in compliance and there cannot be any other active code enforcement cases with ongoing violations on the subject property owner in the City.

3. All Unsafe Structures Board liens on any property owned by the property owner in the City must be paid in full prior to being approved for participation in the program.

4. Eligible liens or fines must exceed $1,000 and the liens or fines must not have been under an order of the City’s Special Magistrate to reduce the subject liens or fines.

5. The property owner must submit a Code Enforcement Liens and Accrued Fines Amnesty Program Application and Participation Agreement for each lien or fine on the property by July 31, 2019. The property owner shall pay a $50 non-refundable application fee per property.

6. After verifying that the property owner is eligible for participation in the program, the City will approve the application and administratively reduce the amount required to satisfy the eligible liens or fines to fifteen percent (15%) of the face value of the liens or fines, plus the cost of lien preparation and recording.

7. The property owner must pay the City by cashier’s check or money order only and the total sum of the following must be paid by July 31, 2019:

a. The reduced value of the eligible lien(s) or fine(s) on the property; and/or
b. The unreduced face value of any lien under $1,000; and/or
c. The full amount due for any lien or fine that was reduced by order of the Special Magistrate; and/or
d. The cost per lien of lien preparation and recording

8. After the property owner has paid the total sum due prior to July 31, 2019, the city will execute and record a release of lien(s).

9. Failure of the property owner to pay the total sum due to July 31, 2019 shall result in the approved lien reductions being null and void, and the property will be liable for the entire face value of the liens(s) or fines(s) as if no reductions had ever been imposed.

For more information about the Code Enforcement Liens and Accrued Fines Amnesty Program, please call City Hall at 954-989-2688.

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