COVID-19: We Are In This Together


I want to start by saying THANK YOU to West Park. We practiced social distancing, adhered to the ‘Stay At Home’ executive order along with the face mask mandate, and have been exhibiting respectful and understanding that we were in this together!

Over the past months, we experienced an overwhelming change in our everyday lives. We lived in highly unusual times and the uncertainty we faced sometimes felt daunting. But despite this, we remembered that we were all in this together and we could get through this together.

I would like to express a moment of gratitude for our health care workers, law enforcement officers, fire rescue, grocery employees, mail carriers, trash collectors, restaurant employees, and all those who continued to work in harm’s way order to keep the rest of us safe, fed, healthy, and prepared.

Several members of our city staff, like many of you, have worked remotely from home, while other staff members covered our offices daily, minimizing the disruption of our operations. Staff worked diligently to make certain that the necessary services needed by our residents and our business community were provided, i.e. Public Works made sure our city was well manicured; Code Enforcement ensured compliance with our Code; and Parks and Recreation staff ensured our seniors received meals.

Because of this, I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of our staff for doing their part to make sure our residents and businesses had what they needed and for having the courage to continue working in order to support us all.

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