Fall safety tips

Fall,safety ,tips

Fall,safety ,tipsI would like to wish all of our children a wonderful, productive school year. We were so excited to welcome them back to school this past month and be present to help walk them into their classes. We want to assure you the safety of your children is a priority for us; and we will continue to diligently watch over them and be an active presence at and around the local schools. If you do not know, my team regularly visits both of the schools to read books to the children, assist with their safety drills and simply to participate in their events.

Speaking of events, I would like to take a moment to welcome you to attend our upcoming “Coffee with a Cop”, which is scheduled for September 10, 2019 from 8:30am-10:30am at the Miami Subs located near City Hall. This event provides an opportunity for you to meet your local law enforcement personnel, while having an opportunity to simply chat over a cup of coffee to get to know one another. I am always looking for meaningful ways to engage each other, as I believe in working to foster a great relationship with the community. Another way we are able to engage one another is through a new initiative called “Park, Walk, Talk” or “BSO on your Block”. These initiatives are methods of both encouraging and tracking our deputies’ efforts to get out of their cars to engage the public.

We are looking forward to the many positive interactions we will share!

Lastly, with the upcoming fall season, it is important to leave with you a few safety tips for the Halloween festivities.

• Young children should always trick or treat with an adult.
• Stay alert for vehicles; look left, right and left again before crossing intersections.
• Wear brightly colored costumes and avoid masks which obstruct vision.
• Always carry a glow stick or flashlight while tricking or treating.
• Inspect all candy before eating and only keep commercially manufactured and packaged candy.

Together, we can all ensure our children have a fun and safe Halloween experience!

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