From the Desk of Commissioner Dorsett

picWest Park, the “City of Positive Progression” is living up to its slogan. In less than eight short years, we are on our way to enhancing our residential community with a vibrant business community. As a member of the Legislative Policy Committee for the Florida League of Cities, I have been able to bring ideas to the City for implementation.

Some of the ideas that will soon be considered by the City Commission will be for example: How redevelopment will occur along State Road 7 and in other areas ripe for economic opportunity. One plan that the City Commission will consider is whether the City should fund both the purchase and developmental preparation of certain properties and then allow developers to come in and present their plans. The City has already identified potential grants that may pay for acquisition and other costs. Other options include putting the complete burden on the developers to pay for everything. Ultimately, the City will do whatever we believe will be most cost effective and expedient. High tech chambers to retain water, traffic flow improvements, and new restaurants are likely to happen very soon. These changes will bring about new jobs and aesthetic improvements for West Park residents and businesses.

The City has also been aggressive in making its case for funding from the State of Florida and other governmental entities. As a part of its legislative package, the City is requesting money for drainage improvements, complete street improvement, McTyre Park improvements, neighborhood traffic calming improvements and funding for certain senior programs.

As part of my official duties, I have been able to listen to the best ideas from cities of our size and bring back those ideas for our beloved City of West Park. Indeed, “Positive Progression”pic is no longer just a slogan, it is our mission and our goal to create a thriving community by working with everything that we have available. We invite your ideas as I continue to be your proud servant and ambassador for our great City.

From my family to yours, I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.
God Bless the City of West Park!

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