Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!As we celebrate 4th of July, I’d like to encourage all West Park residents to cooperate in making this one of the safest and most enjoyable Fourth of Julys ever!

Independence Day has always had special significance in our city. All of us are blessed to live in the greatest city, state and country that the world has ever known. We enjoy privileges and freedoms that exemplify the zenith of human civilization.

And while each of us has the right to celebrate the birth of our nation in their own way, no one has the right to endanger the lives or safety of others. This year let’s have safe July 4th celebrations and in observing the laws and the rights of others. West Park, let’s display true patriotism, and a true appreciation for what it means to be an American.

Let’s all work to keep the spirit of mutual respect and love of country alive, not just on Independence Day, but year-round in the City of West Park.

As you enjoy this holiday with family and friends, I hope you will take a moment to recognize how fortunate we are to live in this country, this state and this very special city. West Park is a community with safe clean neighborhoods, beautiful parks and excellent surrounding schools. This high quality of life doesn’t just happen. It is residents working together to make life better for all.

I also urge you to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Please remember those serving in the military, who are advancing the cause of freedom around the world. Fly your flag proudly as we celebrate our nation’s birthday, and have a happy and safe 4th of July West Park!

Remember to contact me at City Hall with your ideas, suggestions or concerns. I represent you and appreciate your input into the continued success of our beloved city. I can be reached at (954) 329-8990 or email fbrunson@cityofwestpark.org.

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