From the Police Department

• When you park your car at a store or mall, remember where you are parked. After you finish shopping, you’ll be able to return directly to your vehicle, instead of wandering aimlessly through the crowded parking lot.

• Do not park in a remote area, or a place that is not well lighted. When you return to your car, check the interior to be sure that no one is hiding inside. If anything is wrong, return to the store and report the problem.

• As you approach your parked car, have your keys in hand so that you can quickly unlock the door and get in. Someone standing in the middle of a mall parking lot, fumbling for car keys makes a tempting target for a purse-snatcher or mugger.

• You should never leave your new purchases, or anything else of value, sitting on your car seat in plain sight. The best place to store items is in your car trunk.

• Don’t resist if someone tries to take your purse or wallet. Scream for help and call 911 immediately.

• Keep your car doors and windows locked, even while you are driving.

• Avoid using ATM machines in remote locations, or at night.

• Carry small amounts of cash and only the credit cards you will need to use.

• Be cautious when driving. During the holidays, there are more vehicles on the roadways and in parking lots.

BSO Non-Emergency Phone: 954-765-4321
Emergency: 911
South Broward District
(954) 985-1953

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