Honoring Veterans!

Honoring Veterans!At the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month of 2017, we will pause to honor America’s veterans and celebrate their contributions to our way of life. Few have given more to our nation than the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces in peace and in war.

Since our nation’s founding, American service members have stepped forward to safeguard liberty for future generations. Generation after generation—well over twenty-two million living Veterans today embody our exceptional character and values as a people. They have answered the call to fight and sacrifice on foreign soil. They have done all that was asked of them and more— each a line in our Nation’s history, but together many chapters towards today’s future. And as a result, on this Veterans Day, we are closer to prevailing in today’s fights.

This country owes a profound debt to all Veterans, and military families. For serving our nation with such bravery and distinction, our Veterans and current service members deserve our country’s profound gratitude – not just on Veteran’s Day, but every day.

Along with all the residents of the City of West Park, I want to thank our military personnel who have proudly served under the flag of the United States – including members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #8195 who served under that flag in faraway lands, but now are home. I encourage all to take time to recognize and pay homage to those who have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice, for their country. On this Veterans Day, we honor our military members, along with the members of the VFW Post #8195 who sacrificed abroad and at home for our freedom and that of others.

Remember to contact me at City Hall with your ideas, suggestions or concerns. I represent you and appreciate your input into the continued success of our beloved city. I can be reached at (954) 329-8990 or by email at: fbrunson@cityofwestpark.org.

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