How To Separate Waste For Collection After A Hurricane

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According to statistics, many accidents or injuries occur after a Hurricane has left the area. Let us do our part to keep our City safe. The proper placement of debris for collection after a hurricane is very important and essential to minimize safety hazards. The Public Works Department has provided diagrams that demonstrate the preferred method for placing debris out on the swale or curb. As the diagrams suggest, we are requesting that debris be placed out for collection per the following categories: vegetative debris, construction debris, household garbage, hazardous waste, electronics, and large appliances. Please note, we do NOT collect any item from private property and household garbage should be retained for your normal bulk collection schedule and NOT placed out during an emergency. However, if you do, please separate the items from vegetation and other categories previously mentioned. If you place large appliances out for collection, secure/seal any doors or openings to prevent curious children from opening them. This will reduce any risk of safety hazards.

The reason waste should be separated in these categories is for safety. For example, placing debris away from the roadway and sidewalk will allow walking pedestrians and vehicular traffic to flow freely without obstruction. Additionally, debris piles should be placed away from any trees, hydrants, mailboxes, meters and light poles, because otherwise, it makes removal difficult, thus delaying cleanup crews from clearing the area in an expedited manner. Following these recommendations may allow first responders (police & fire rescue) to respond to emergencies efficiently, and allow utility companies to restore power sooner.

Please contact our offices at 954-964-0284, or email:, with any questions.

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