May Greetings!

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I would like to take a moment for personal privilege and extend my sincerest Thank You to my colleagues on the City Commission as well as City Staff for their support for me and my family during our time of loss. I lost my stepmother on April 6, 2018 and had to take an extended trip out of town for the next couple of weeks and therefore was not able to attend the April 18 Commission Meeting or the April 17 Carver Ranches / Hyde Park HOA meeting. Your expressions of support and sympathy meant the world to our family.

I would like to remind all the Mothers, Grandmothers, and those who are like Moms in someone’s life of our Annual Mother’s Day Brunch to be held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at McTyre Park. This is always a well-attended event and Staff does a wonderful job of making sure that all “Moms” in attendance feel special and appreciated, as they should. I wish all of you a Happy Mother’s Day and hope you enjoy your special day!

May also brings us Memorial Day, and I would like to take a moment to Thank All of our Service Members regardless of branch they serve in or whether retired or currently serving. It is hard to imagine what our world would look like without the sacrifices of our Brave Men and Women that serve or have served. I come from a strong military family, and thankfully members of my family who have served have all made it home safely from wherever their military careers took them. I know many feel that Memorial Day just means an extra day off of work, which is true; however, this day has a more significant meaning as it is the day on which we honor our military veterans who lost their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms that many take for granted. If you know someone who is either serving or has served, take a moment and give them thanks. We would not be able to enjoy this great country that we live in, if it weren’t for them.

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