New Year Safety Tips

New Year Safety Tips

New Year Safety TipsThe New Year has arrived and it is time to think about safety. It is the time of year when we need to assess our personal and our home safety. Our homes are our castles and we need to ensure their safety at all times. Locking doors, securing windows and installing alarm systems are just some ways we can protect our homes. Other things we can do to ensure safety is trimming back bushes, adding lighting to the exterior of our homes, using light timers for the interior of the home, and even adding security cameras. Burglars don’t like well lit, locked homes – especially those with security cameras. Making their job difficult to impossible is what helps us protect our homes, our families and our possessions.

For personal safety, we need to BE AWARE! Looking around where we are, noting things and people who just do not seem right.

Going to the mall can be an exciting experience, bringing home all those items we bought for ourselves and our families. The problem is the person who follows us home, or to the next store, to break into our car and home to steal the items we worked hard to pay for. In an effort to prevent becoming a victim, always look for that unusual car that may be following you; drive an extra time around the block to see if you are being followed and always have your phone readily available to call 911.

During the holiday season, we all get those gifts that we just don’t need or newer models of something, leaving us with items we may wish to sell. Through the internet and smartphone apps, there are many services that we use to sell our items. Setting up meetings with strangers can be a dangerous venture. The Broward Sheriff’s Office, South Broward District provides you with the option of a safe place to conduct your transaction, our district parking lot. There’s no better place to conduct a safe transaction.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office also offers the RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) class for women. This is an outstanding class that teaches women to protect themselves against an attacker and to get away. There will be upcoming classes in February and March.

Let’s BE SAFE in 2019!!!!!

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