Please get the facts

Please get the facts

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First, if you didn’t already notice, there is a lot of negative information being sent out on social media concerning our City and me personally. What I write is not necessarily from the Commission, although what’s being “Face-booked” adversely affects our City.

The divisive information that is putting fear in the hearts of our citizens is unwarranted. I have been personally called the responsible person that convinced the voters to incorporate our great city which cannot be further from the truth. I was never a part of the incorporation process, but voted for the incorporation of our City based upon the recommendation of the Make-A-City Committee. I had no knowledge of the feasibility study until after I became Mayor, although the Facebook messages will have you believe differently. This can be proven by inquiring of those who were on the committee. I have never colluded with the Town of Pembroke Park for personal gain or any other reason and nor do I this day. This can be proven by speaking with the Town of Pembroke Park.

I entered the race for Mayor at the request of many residents – a request that I initially refused. I have witnesses who can prove my statement. I have never spoken to any resident on whether to vote yes or no for incorporation. The statement that I knew and failed to inform the residents is an untruth without any supporting facts. Our city does not have a “Strong Mayor” form of government. A “Strong Mayor” system of government gives the mayor the responsibility and accountability of the day to day city operations, meaning everything that the current City Manager does is what the mayor would do. On the other hand, a weak mayor, who is part-time, or a mayor in a “Mayor-Council” system of municipal government, powers of policy-making, and administration are by Charter secondary to the Council. In short, I cannot initiate the process of investigation or any other process without the full approval of the Commission. I respect another person’s opinion because that’s what they believe, but when it comes to me personally, I speak what I know with witnesses to prove it.

Annual Budget Hearing. On another note, at the time of this message the Budget has not been finalized. The annual First Public Budget Hearing will take place on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 6 p.m. As in prior years there will be challenges, but as in prior years, we expect to balance the budget.

I wish all a safe Labor Day Holiday!


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