Proper placement of Garbage and Recycing Carts Curbside

Proper placement of Garbage and Recycing Carts Curbside

Proper placement of Garbage and Recycing Carts CurbsideThe City adopted Ordinance 2014-07, concerning placement of domestic solid waste (garbage) and recycling containers curbside.

This new policy outlines the following stipulations:

“Domestic garbage containers shall be placed at the curb for collection not more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up day. Domestic garbage containers shall be removed from the curb within 24 hours after pick-up. If a code enforcement officer determines that a garbage or recycle container has been placed at curbside for collection more than 12 hours in advance of the scheduled pick-up day, the City shall issue a Civil Infraction Notice (Courtesy Notice) to the violating property and require removal of the container within a period up to 8 hours. If upon personal investigation, a code enforcement officer determines that the violation has not been corrected within the period after the courtesy notice is issued, the code enforcement officer shall issue a citation to the property owner or the owner’s agent or representative. Scheduled pick-up days for domestic garbage, recycling services, the pick-up start time shall begin at 7:00AM.”

With regard to issuing citations, code enforcement procedure is as follows:
1. Courtesy (Warning) Notice per property owner regardless of compliance status of that Courtesy Notice
2. First Notice of Civil Infraction warrants a $250.00 citation
3. Second Notice of Civil Infraction and any infraction of Ordinance No. 2014-07 thereafter warrants a $500.00 citation.

This policy was adopted to promote beautification and code compliance efforts throughout the City and alleviate conditions when garbage carts remain curbside beyond the time period allowed.

If you have questions concerning this policy please contact the Public Works Department at: 954.964.0284.

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