Q: What is a red light running violation?
A: A violation has occurred if, when while facing a steady red traffic signal, your vehicle proceeded into such an intersection without stopping and standing until an indication to proceed was shown or your vehicle made a right hand turn, or a left hand turn from a oneway street onto another one-way street, while facing a steady red signal without first coming to a complete stop and not proceeding until it was safe to do so and yielding rightof-way to pedestrians lawfully in an adjacent crosswalk and to other traffic lawfully using the intersection.

Q: Why install red light cameras?
A: Traffic studies show that red-light running is a problem at many intersections throughout the County. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 20 percent of all drivers do not obey intersection traffic signals. Red light cameras help us to enforce traffic laws by automatically photographing vehicles whose drivers run red lights. The City of West Park is committed to the safety of its community and dedicated to reducing red light violations and their potential for crashes and injuries on our roadways. Q: How do intersection safety cameras work? A: First rear image: The “A” shot is captured from the rear approach showing: the scene of the violation including the back of the violating vehicle in front of the violation line; one or more visible red light signals; and a clear image of the license plate of the offending vehicle, all from the single, base image.

Second rear image: The “B” shot is also captured from the rear approach showing: the scene of the violation including the back of the violating vehicle after the rear axle has crossed the stop line and the vehicle has illegally entered the intersection; one or more visible red light signals; and a clear image of the license plate of the offending vehicle, all from the single, base image.

License plate crop: For the court and police department this is the most significant innovation in photo enforcement. The Axsis™ Violation Processing System will create a magnified “crop” of the license plate from one of the images for easy viewing. The cropped license plate close-up is not a separate image, but rather a close-up view of the original violation image. This image can be taken from either of the two images captured.

Q: Where will the red light cameras be located in West Park?
A: Cameras will be installed at the following intersections in the City. Each approach will be clearly marked with signs.
1. Westbound West Hallandale Beach Blvd. @ US 441/State Road 7
2. Northbound US 441/State Road 7 @ Pembroke Road
3. Eastbound Pembroke Road @ SW 56 Avenue
4. Southbound US 441/ @ West Hallandale Beach Blvd.
5. Northbound US 441/State Road 7 @ West Hallandale Beach Blvd.
6. Westbound County Line Road/SW 41 Street @ US 441 State Road 7

Q: What if the light was yellow?
A: The Automated Safety System only becomes active once the red light is showing. It will not capture a vehicle if the vehicle enters the intersection prior to the light changing to red. If you entered the intersection on yellow, it is legal to clear the intersection if the light turned red while you were still in the intersection.

Q: Why did I receive this Notice of Violation?
A: Based upon images captured by the automated system, your vehicle was determined to have committed a red light violation. As the owner of the vehicle, the Notice of Violation is mailed to you.

Q: What if I am not the driver/owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation?
A: If your vehicle was stolen or sold at the time of violation, or was being test driven by another person, you may submit a sworn statement to that effect to the Court to rebut the presumption, that you were driving the vehicle at the time of the violation. A Declaration Of Non-Liability form may be downloaded from or obtained from the Court. The form must be filled out, accurately and in its entirety. The form must be mailed or hand-delivered in-person to the Court prior to the Notice due date before any additional actions can be taken. If you are a rental car company or you leased your vehicle, send your letter identifying the driver along with a copy of this Notice within 30 days after the date of the Notice of Violation is received to Violation Processing Center, PO Box 22091, Tempe, AZ 85285- 2091.

Q: What happens if I ignore the Notice of Violation?
A: Failure to pay the civil penalty or to contest liability prior to the 45th day after receipt of the notice is an admission of liability, and failure to appear at an administrative adjudication hearing after having requested a hearing is an admission of liability and constitutes a waiver of the right to appeal. Failure to pay the civil penalty within 45 days after receipt of this Notice of Violation shall result in the imposition of a late-payment fee of $25. If the second notice remains unpaid, collections proceedings and entry of judgment against you may proceed, and a request will be made to the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles to place a State hold on the registration renewal of the vehicle.

Q: Will I receive any points on my driving record for this violation?
A: No, this is a civil infraction that is not reported to the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles.

Q: Will my insurance rates be affected?
A: No, this is a civil infraction that is not reported to any insurance agencies.

Q: Is this only a revenue generating program?
A: No. This is a safety program. Red Light Camera Enforcement programs have been shown to reduce red light violations and intersection crashes. Numerous studies from the United States and worldwide, as well as the experience of many other cities, indicate significant decreases in red light running violations and collisions after cameras were installed. Other intersections not monitored by automated enforcement may also experience a decrease in violations and accidents as a result of the presence of this automated enforcement in other areas of the community.

Q: What if I was issued a Notice of Violation from an Officer for the exact same offense?
A: The Traffic Ticket issued by the officer takes precedent over the Automated Safety

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  1. One Question- No points on License, No suspended or revoked license,no insurance increase – give me one
    good reason to pay !!!!! Also since the personal touch is not there -sometime valid reason to run light – but with no one to plead your case to – no one to tell the reason to- only a machine who decides right or wrong – not
    fair at all ……

  2. Dismay in Doral | October 15, 2012 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    I slowed down to safely pass a trucker who did not plan his oncoming left turn correctly and stopped suddenly, getting stuck in the intersection. I could have slammed on my brakes to avoid the ticket, endangering ppl behind me. I could have sped past at high rate, to avoid the ticket, endangering everyone who didnt see me coming (what most people do). Instead i slowed down a little and clipped the light turning red (it was green when i started btw and i was NOT speeding at all) just inches over the line. So being a safe drive caused me a fine, thanks to these stupid red light cameras. Reviewed by a cop they say and approved to proceed. Was he blind? there was video. I delayed fighting it, trying to figure out best way to fight, was out of town when they sent another notice, and long story short – now im scheduled for license suspension… Found that out getting a rental car, got stranded… These programs are NOT for safety as they say, they cause everybody to race into yellow lights!!! i see it every day! and… duh, i will do it too next time!!

  3. Jennifer Wilder | May 3, 2018 at 12:32 pm | Reply

    Is there a telephone or fax number where I can reach the violation Processing center in Tempe, AZ?

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