Red-Light Safety Cameras to bring lifesaving benefits to West Park

Starting in January, 2012 West Park will join the more than 80 other Florida communities currently using red-light safety cameras to enhance road safety. West Park will work with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to deploy cameras at their most dangerous intersections. Florida was the third most deadly state in the nation for red-light running fatalities in 2009. Across the United States, red-light runners killed an average of 885 people and injured 165,000 each year for the past decade. Now, through its road safety camera agreement with American Traffic Solutions, West Park joins more than 500 communities across the nation using this lifesaving program.

“Although some have complaints with regard to red light cameras, I do believe that many lives have been saved because of the added awareness of being fined for running those lights,” said Mayor Eric Jones. “Those who stop when the light is red won’t be affected, only those who violate. It’s cheaper to pay a fine than to pay for a funeral.”

This year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found red-light safety cameras in 14 large U.S. cities saved 159 lives in a five-year period, and determined 815 more lives could have been saved if all 99 large cities had used these cameras.

“This program will free up deputies to focus on other crimes. Our resources are already stretched, any technology that allows us to do more with less is welcomed,” stated Broward County Sheriff’s West Park Chief Nichole Anderson.

For more information on the City’s red light camera safety program, please call 954.989.2688.

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