SaferwatchI see something disturbing happening that doesn’t need immediate police response. I know about someone who means harm to other people, and is making plans to act on this. There’s a house with unusual activity occurring.

What can I do?

How do I get in touch with my local Broward Sheriff’s Office South Broward District Office with this information?

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with SaferWatch who provides a smartphone application for iPhone and Android phones. This app allows participants to send tips, photos and video to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. It also allows for the sender to remain anonymous. All information is forwarded to the proper jurisdiction and unit to conduct a follow-up investigation.

Another great feature offered by SaferWatch is the ability to send alerts to all types of schools within a geo-fenced area. The alerts will also have the ability for users to leave comments.

The SaferWatch program is a great partnership between your local Broward Sheriff’s Office South Broward District and the West Park community to allow residents to share information directly with the agency for follow-up and investigation.

Please take the time to download the app and help make our West Park community safer! To download the app visit:

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