Twenty five Million Pets have gone Missing. With Gibi, Yours Won’t be One of Them

gibi3You and your dog have a special bond. He isn’t just a pet, he’s a part of the family and if he ever wandered off you’d want to get him back as quickly and safely as possible. Introducing Gibi—the fast, easy and reliable way to keep track of wandering pets that every pet owner will love!

Created by two sisters, Synette Tom a satellite telecommunications engineer, and Sheree Loui a medical service dog raiser and trainer, Gibi is unlike any pet accessory out there. Combining the best of GPS satellite technology and design with what dogs and their owners demand: comfort, safety and security, it’s leading the way for innovative pet tech and putting pet safety into their owners’ hands. Pet lovers and problem solvers, Gibi founders Synette and Sheree wanted to help pets return home before they were picked up by animal control, snatched by an evil-doer, or hit by a car.

“The beauty of Gibi is that you don’t have to wait for someone to find your dog and report it,” said Synette. “This allows you to fetch your dog yourself without delay.”

And it’s so easy to use! Simply activate Gibi and slip on to any favorite collar. Smooth and sleek, Gibi won’t snag or poke and easily lays flat as part of the collar, so even the pickiest pets will hardly notice it.

Have a rowdy Rover or water-loving pooch? Gibi is tough enough to withstand roughhousing and enthusiastic play and waterproof for days at the beach, pond, pool or lake. What good is a GPS tracker if you have to take it off for water-time play? With Gibi all pets are protected whether in the surf, in the rain or on-the-go.

gibi2The amazing features and benefits don’t stop there. Gibi doesn’t just work at home, but has the capability of setting “safe zones” wherever you choose. Have acres of land? Set Gibi safe zones to send alerts when pets leave the property. Pet have a day sitter? Gibi can keep her safe their too. Owners just use the Gibi app to set up custom-sized virtual fences, or “safe zones” around the home, sitter, park, beach, wherever! Once a pet leaves that zone, Gibi sends notification to the owner’s cell phone, email or app. With a press of a button, Fido’s location is found and owners can be on their way to a fast retrieval!

Winners of the “Get on the Shelf” award presented by Walmart and voted on by consumers around the country, Gibi is well on its way to providing peace of mind to pet owners everywhere.

Nothing makes a better gift, than peace of mind, and Gibi makes the perfect holiday present for pet parents and their pets! Learn how you can deck the halls with doggy safety with this fun holiday video:

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