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From the Desk of Mayor Eric H. Jones

In the 15 years of our incorporation, we had many milestones and some millstones.

However, both have served to make us better focused and more determined. We have had celebrations and frustrations, challenges and discouragements, successes and failures, encouragers and discouragers, yet we believed and still believe that the best is yet to come. Milestones figuratively refer to significant events in life, like graduating from college or getting married. They are like road markers on a long journey. They are often moments when you reflect on where you stand in life as oppose to where you were.

A milestone can also be a non-personal event that results in a big change, such as a milestone victory in the face of a millstone. Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not only the milestones but also the millstones. Not only the great goals that are achieved but also the conquest of those things that stood in your way.

Millstones are less attractive than milestones, but just as necessary. They come upon us unannounced.

Our lives are measured by how we stand during these moments. I can say that our city has reached 15 years of progress, but that statement does not explain everything that we have gone through. There have been times when we were stuck in an in-between period of going on or giving up. There has been seasons that were not milestones but more of a no man’s land, a point where hope was fading. This was the millstone period. This is that thing that grinds or crushes. It is like a heavy mental or emotional burden, a millstone around one’s neck. This is what happens in any effort to progress or move beyond the status quo. There will be milestones and millstones. In the case of our city’s significance, progress has been made. Success is always the result of past efforts by those who were optimistic rather than pessimistic about their future. They are those who are often small in number but big in commitment. They are too driven by what they believe can be accomplished to be intimidated by those who doubt. By effort and example, they prove that things can be different if you commit to making a difference. The past can be either a weak and ineffectual voice with an uncertain sound or a persistent and determined proclamation that renounces any similitude of the status quo. They are not disturbed by the presence of voices that sanction things to stay as they are or the silence of the unconcerned.

As we continue to move forward, we must recapture the sacrificial spirit of our forefathers or we will forfeit the dividends of their investment. As you browse through this issue of our newspaper, you will recognize that West Park is a city on the move. Over the years we have implemented many positive changes, programs and events aimed at strengthening and revitalizing our community. Our major successes are many which have left our city cleaner, safer and have saved you money. Over the years we have been making great strides in revitalizing the heart of our city. Because of the progress to our infrastructure, our property values have increased. Infrastructure is the backbone of any city; it powers our lives and it fuels our growth.

In this month of March, we celebrate 15 years of incorporation. This is time to celebrate and enjoy our City’s progress. My fellow residents, let us continue to work together. We must, live by the same high standards of strength and sacrifice that has brought us this far.

Let us continue to move forward with a good conscience and history will be the final judge of our deeds. Let us go forth in love, asking God’s blessing and His help, knowing that no sincere effort will go unrewarded.


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