Smoke’t to a ‘T’ and then some!

By Michael Miller….
Had a great time at Smoke’t Restaurant.

Ventured a few blocks north out of my zip code on US 1 the other night to find Smoke’t filled with lots of very happy people and justas- happy servers, smiles on their faces. Our waitress did a thorough job explaining dinner, drink and appetizer choices, although not necessarily in that order.

Silently choosing my dinner selection, the missus asks if I was getting the salmon.

“Can’t I do anything that you don’t know?” sez me as all husbands do. And yes, I got the salmon, a side of broccoli and a small salad. My drink of choice was a Merlot and when our server asked me which one, I answered “yes,” so now you know just how sophisticated I can be. My wife’s main course was a “Chopped Salad,” which she report- ed as ‘great’ and just the ticket in her quest for reduced ‘eating out’ calories.

Our guests, who asked to remain nameless, swore me to menu choice secrecy so I can’t tell you who they were or what they ate or drank but be assured, the husband didn’t hold back.

Lots of TV screens around the interior walls so when friends get bored with your palaver, they can easily pretend to be enthralled by looking in your direction while actually peeking past either ear at the Heat game. Hmmmmm. Wouldn’t happen to me, would it? My compliments to the Smoke’t staff for a great evening and, of course, copious compliments to the culinary skills of the chefs who treated our taste buds to a T. By the way, you can reach the nice folks at Smoke’t by calling 305-669-8338.

And speaking of getting ‘Smoked to a‘t’. South Miami’s finest have busted someone for making cupcakes! What? Cupcakes? Well, not exactly. Turns out this entrepreneur was allegedly spiking them with pot and selling those sweet-tasting and sweet-smelling “treats” to HI-gh schoolers, pardon the pun. Golly, folks, what’s a guy need to do nowadays to make a dollar? I just wonder if those Kupcakes were Kosher. I’ll ask a rabbi friend for an opinion.

Opinions can run amuck after considering our esteemed vice mayor walking away from a pile of ethic complaints, fullyabsolved by the county board charged with their review. Just awhile back, a dozen or more allegations were filed against her but after a couple of years, a nice pile of attorney fees and a brand-new Ethics Commission head, she’s walked away ‘scot free’ and all accusations dismissed.

A couple of months ago after being caught doing 75/mph in a 60/mph zone, I signed the citation and sent something less than 100 bucks to one of those ticket mills. Voilá! The case went to court and guess what — the charge was dropped! Contemplating my victory, I thought: ‘Wasn’t I speeding?’ No question about it. So I go to court and now I am ‘vindicated’! Golly, what a wonderful system. (Moral of the story: be prepared to pay attorney fees or don’t speed!) or maybe sometimes you can do things and get away scot free, except for attorney fees.

On the east side of SW 62nd Avenue between SW 68th and 69th Streets, a new sidewalk was laid with metal grates covering holes where trees are to be planted. Okay? So, about two weeks ago, the large orange cones that were in the holes as pedestrian warnings disappeared and the big holes are STILL there, posing a clear a danger for walkers, joggers, kids at play, old and young people alike… so who in city or county public works removes cones BEFORE filling the holes they’re supposed to guard? Meanwhile, be forewarned of lurking dangers of 62nd Avenue sidewalks and if you must use them in that vicinity, carry a flashlight at night and your attorney’s business card at all times.

Oh, yes! More speaking of getting smoked: Folks tell me Commissioner Walter Harris, on a recent Tallahassee trip for Dade Days advocated legalization of marijuana. Yup, he is that progressive. He has always been a real thinker and very green, but some folks at the Drug Free programs are getting migraines over his advocacy.

I’m told that some city employees at City Hall tell us that Commissioner Walter recently asked for their help (on city time) to beg on a local street corner for money for the homeless. Had some Tshirts, too and were either on the way to the street corner or were there and suddenly turned back.

When we asked him about it, Commissioner Walter told us to check our sources and so we did. We contacted the City Manager, asking some very direct questions about Harris’s charitable efforts.

The first answer we got reminded me of two famous quotes: (1) ‘My wife didn’t do THAT’ and (2) ‘MY wife didn’t do that.’ See, it’s all in the tonal inflections, The Manager’s answer seemed — at best — an effort to obfuscate the event, and although his first answer was direct and to the point, it was clear that there was something more to it. So, we asked the question again, in another way. His reply was something along the line of “I can only tell you what was done, not what the intentions were.” SO, I guess this was some sort of denial, but heck who knows what he really meant.

So, if anyone out there knows exactly what happen, would you please call or email me.

Thought of the Day:

A man who lives right, and is right, has more power in his silence than another has by his words.

— Phillips Brooks

Richard Yager contributed to this column.

Got any tips? Contact me at 305-669- 7355, ext. 249, or send emails to

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  1. Jeff Stubins | June 16, 2011 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    Michael, i enjoy getting your eblast. It was also great meeting you today.

    Thank you.

    Jeff Stubins

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