Dr. Carlos Wolf

Solution to the problem


I had my nose done many years ago. I’m having trouble breathing and I don’t like the pinched look that I have at the tip of my nose. Is there anything I can do now 20 years later? Even after so many years there is a solution, revision surgery of …

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Cellfina Combats Cellulite


Q: I hate my cellulite. Is there anything that really works and what is your recommendation for treatment? A: Recently the FDA approved a minimally invasive procedure with really great results. Cellfina treats the connective bands woven throughout fatty areas that pulls the skin down and creates dimpling in the …

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Relief for aging hands

Coral Gables News

Is it true that the FDA approved something for rejuvenating aging hands? I’m 65 years old and recently had a facelift. I love the way my face looks but my hands reveal the secrets. Please help me out! You are correct. The FDA recently approved Radiesse for treatment of aging …

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Treating sun damage on your chest


Dr. Wolf, I’m one of those people who loved to sunbathe growing up. My neck doesn’t look great, but my chest is awful. Is there anything out there that can help make this area look more rejuvenated? My first response to you is: Are you still going out in the …

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Beware online reviews

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Dr. Wolf, I’m planning to have surgery with a surgeon that I met and really liked. My friends told me he was great and a lot of people substantiated that. However, when I started to do research, I did find one or two reviews online that were not flattering. What …

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