Mark A. Trowbridge

The Spice of Life

With the arrival of the midsummer heat and humidity of August, we once again have the unique opportunity to satisfy our palates and bone up on our eating skills. Miami Spice is officially here and for the next two months, the “oyster is our world!” For more than a decade, …

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Tears of Clown


Do you find the tears flowing freely when you see a Publix commercial around holiday time (that darned Pilgrim couple)? Do movies like The Notebook and Beaches leave you in a tear-streaked mess? Do you wear your emotions on your sleeve for all to see? If so, then we need …

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The Muppets


umor has it that The Muppets are making a comeback and in a big way. Not that they ever really left our collective imagination and admiration…but ABC is in talks to develop a revival of the much loved cast of, well, kooky characters. You know them well. They were a …

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150 years… and counting


In April, it will have been 150 years since the end of the Civil War (or for you Southerners, The War of Northern Aggression) and the assassination of our 16th p r e s i d e n t , Abraham Lincoln. While none of us was around at that …

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The Fascinators

The end of any calendar year brings about myriad emotions, special opportunities and genuine reflection. For most of us, we just hope that 2014 was better than the prior year, for that is what we strive for as we cross the threshold of yet another new year. This is the …

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Celebrating Mr. Warmth

Don Rickles turned 88 this year and his closest friends and biggest celebrities threw a party in his honor. As one would expect, it was more of a roast than a tribute, more of a slap in the face than a slap on the back, more of a piling on …

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No April fool


Every year, our Chamber honors outstanding members of our organization for a variety of accomplishments and achievements that deserve a round of accolades. We believe it is part of our core mission to help our members build their businesses by recognizing those who do it the very best. It is …

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