Wednesday , 25 November 2015

Patricia Frank

Float through your Life

There is a very basic human response to threatening situations. It is called the Fight or Flight Syndrome. It is a survival instinct to protect yourself either by standing and fighting or fleeing and running away. It requires an instantaneous decision and that decision determines the outcome. As human beings …

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The Tip of the Iceberg

An iceberg refers to the part that has broken off from the main ice pack and is floating freely and independently in the water. The visible part of the iceberg is only the tip. The largest, heaviest, strongest and main part is submerged below the surface. It is the submerged …

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Operation Postcard

A famous philosopher, known for his wisdom and advice, said it very simply, “Know thyself.” Let’s add to that statement and say know thyself and know what you need and want and what will make you happy. There are several techniques that you can use to learn more about yourself …

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It hurts when the caring stops

It hurts when you find out that someone you care about stops caring about you. It is disappointing, upsetting and startling, to say the least. It is normal to have expectations that their feelings will remain the same towards you. It is normal to make assumptions about the nature of …

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Beware of Unhealthy Salads

Salads are considered very healthy. They are very versatile and usually contain a mixture of different ingredients; lettuce, vegetables, pastas, rice, nuts, meats, eggs and fruit are just a few of the more common combinations. You can incorporate just about anything in a salad. They are tasty and satisfying. You …

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Human Sponges

Sponges come in several varieties. Some are natural and come from the sea. They are usually large and soft with tremendous capacity and absorbency. Others are synthetic. They come in different sizes with different degrees of absorbency. Human beings share some of the same characteristics the sponge possesses. They are …

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Translate to Triumph


If you find yourself thinking or speaking any of the following phrases, you might want to cut this out and put it in a prominent place. This list will help you translate some of your common expressions into a different language. It will be a new language that you are …

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