Wednesday , 25 November 2015

Preston Michelson

New Panthers owner can bring consistency

A certain malady plagues South Florida pro sports teams. It’s the sickness of inconsistency. The Dolphins own the undefeated season and have only had one winning season since the start of the 2004 season. The Heat are one of the best teams in basketball right now, but have a .486 …

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Is the demise of the NCAA at hand?

As college football’s appeal continues to increase, the NCAA’s popularity is trending downwards — and quickly. We just passed the twoyear anniversary of the Yahoo! Sports tell-all of Nevin Shapiro, the disgraced, former University of Miami booster. His allegations included impermissible benefits both routine and debaucherous — from cash and …

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Stop moralizing the actions of Johnny Football

Over the NCAA offseason, rumors swirled that Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel took illicit money in return for signing autographs. But the NCAA couldn’t prove it. The best they could do was suspend him for a half-game against the weakling Rice University because he should have known that the memorabilia would …

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What will the Marlins’ future hold?

Imagine, if you will indulge me, an alternate reality. Miami has, just this season, been given a new baseball franchise. All the players and the coaching staff that currently are in place are the same. The owner, however, is different. In a vacuum, their situation isn’t so hopeless at all. …

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Baseball can still work in South Florida

In the crusade that brought the gleaming Marlins Park to Little Havana, a main argument was whether baseball could work in Miami. For years, copious numbers of empty orange seats at Sun Life Stadium were the object of national mockery. Now, it seems that not much has changed, except, of …

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