Russel Lazega

Whose insurance should pay your car damage?

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“Welcome to Beautiful South Florida!” No really, that’s what the truck that rear-ended my client’s new Nissan says on it. To add insult to injury, the truck’s insurer is now taking longer than the cable company’s service department to respond to the claim. So what’s a stranded South Floridian to …

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Fixing your car after an auto accident


So you narrowly escaped a trip to the ER when a freckled-faced teen with a freshly – minted license took a stop sign and half of your rear- quarter panel. But now that your new Audi looks like your Uncle Otto’s accordion, what do you do next? Here’s some advice: …

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The Legislative Circus is back in town again?


So we all probably heard by now that Ringling Brothers’ Circus will finally phase out their famed elephant act. They say “The Greatest Show on Earth” has evolved into a kinder, more civilized circus. So why then can’t we seem to get the same kind of enlightened progress from our …

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