Always be Trawing

A trawl is a large wide-mouthed fishing net dragged by a boat along the sea bottom for the purpose of catching fish. It catches all kinds of fish. Some are desirable, some are not.

You never know what you will catch in your net. Trawling is also a term used to describe a style of fishing where there are several lines or fishing rods in the water on either side of the boat at the same time. The boat moves along slowly and more than one fish can be caught at one time. The more lines you have and or the larger your net, the more fish you are likely to catch.

You should always have your lines in the water. You should always have your net in the water also. You never know what or whom you may attract. You might find someone who will help you in your career or be your friend or life partner. No lines, no net, will result in no body. You can increase your chances of catching something desirable by selecting your fishing grounds carefully.

You can increase the odds of catching the right fish by focusing on the area that those particular fish are attracted to. You do have to fish in the right waters and you do have to use the right bait and lures. Research and knowledge are important for the best results. You have to know which fish are keepers and which fish should be put back. Time and experience will make you more discriminating and successful.

Check your net or your lines frequently. Your net may have developed a hole of some kind that needs to be repaired. Your lines may have lost their bait and they will need to be reset.

The challenge is to keep trying even if you do not seem to catch anything or anyone. Keep trying. Don’t allow doubts or discouragement to keep you from keeping your lines or net in the water.

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